SME's New Smart Manufacturing Magazine Recognizes 30 Advanced Manufacturing Visionaries - FORCAM's Franz Gruber is One of them

  • First Edition of new "Smart Manufacturing Magazine“ honors FORCAM's Founder Franz E. Gruber

DEARBORN, Michigan, May 3, 2016 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ -- The first issue of SME's Smart Manufacturing magazine, honors the leading thinkers, makers and doers in manufacturing who are helping to make the Fourth Industrial Revolution, often referred to as Industry 4.0, a reality, PRNewswire reports. Further it says: Smart Manufacturing is published by Advanced Manufacturing Media, which is part of SME, an organization that promotes advanced manufacturing technology and develops a skilled workforce. 

The mission of the quarterly magazine, which supplements Advanced Manufacturing Media's monthly Manufacturing Engineering magazine, is to educate manufacturing professionals about the digital changes and opportunities already underway in manufacturing by telling the stories of shops and factories making investments in these new technologies.

"In our first issue, we introduce 30 visionaries focused on running efficient, lean, safe, responsive and sometimes shared shops and factories," said Brett Brune, editor of Smart Manufacturing magazine. "We also provide a primer on how the cyber and physical worlds are being merged to improve quality, customization, safety and costs. And we provide a space for executives to talk about innovations, such as the 'data lake,' that can propel smart manufacturing forward. Our goal is to deliver the intelligence industry executives, engineers and other entrepreneurs need to learn and thrive as they apply Internet of Things and other technological gains to manufacturing."

FORCAM's Founder Franz E. Gruber states: "I am beyond honored to be named on this list among such great minds. However, my special thanks go to the team of FORCAM that helped to perfect our awarded Advanced Manufacturing Technology for the past 15 years."

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Profiled list of 30 leaders who are merging the cyber and physical worlds in manufacturing:
  • Bryce Barnes, Senior Manager, Cisco IoT
  • Dean Bartles, Leiter Fertigung UI Labs / CEO DMDII
  • Carl Bass, President und CEO, Autodesk
  • Stephan Biller, Leiter Fertigung, GE
  • Sujeet Chand, Senior VP und CTO, Rockwell Automation
  • Jim Davis, CTO, UCLA / CTO Smart Manufacturing Leadership Coalition (SMLC)
  • Thomas F. Edgar, Chairman Chemical Engineering, University of Texas (Austin)
  • Dave Edstrom, CTO, Memex
  • Franz Gruber, CEO, FORCAM
  • Karen Kerr, Senior MD Advanced Manufacturing, GE Ventures
  • Scott Hibbard, VP Technology, Bosch Rexroth
  • Jeff Immelt, CEO, GE
  • Jay Lee, Professor, University of Cincinnati / National Science Foundation
  • Dennis O. Klein, VP Production, Lockheed Martin Space Systems
  • David McPhail, President & CEO, Memex
  • Greg Morris, Additive Technologies Leader, GE Aviation
  • Joel Neidig, Ingenieur und Lead-IT-Entwickler, ITAMCO
  • Keith Nosbusch, CEO, Rockwell Automation
  • Brian Papke, President, Mazak
  • Drura Parrish, CEO, MAKETIME
  • David A. Patterson, Professor, University of California (Berkeley)
  • Jason Prater, VP of Development, Plex Systems
  • Denise Swink, CEO, Smart Manufacturing Leadership Coalition
  • William Sobel, CSO, System Insights
  • Pete Tecos, Executive VP, 5ME
  • Florian Weigmann, CEO, AXOOM
  • Jim Wetzel, Technischer Direktor, General Mills / CEO SMLC
  • Dave Wickelhaus, Ingenieur, TechSolve
  • Deborah L. Wince-Smith, CEO, Council on Competitiveness
  • Detlef Zühlke, Professor, TU Kaiserslautern


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