Product of the Year Winner at IMTS 2016

Motivation through Operational Excellence

U.S. manufacturing is still facing unprecedented challenges - but a bright future lies ahead for those companies that are able to maintain innovative capacity.

Cutting-edge Shop Floor Management technology and systems are finding its way up and down the production line, eliminating the “disconnectivity” in the manufacturing value chain. This trend requires the modern manufacturing business to undergo a fundamental transformation.

To set manufacturing businesses apart from their competition one must understand the impact of Manufacturing 4.0 technologies on the business.

Shop floor productivity software specialist, FORCAM will show at the IMTS 2016 how FORCAM’s Advanced Shop Floor Management technology and training has become an integral part of the Fourth Industrial Revolution.

The suite of modules of newest release FORCAM FORCE™ delivers a factory-wide, cross-industry solution that combines the collection of machine and production data, visualization, alerts, labor tracking, and enterprise resource planning (ERP) integration in real time.

This Web-based solution integrates seamlessly and quickly with the global standard MTConnect and guarantees extended competitiveness for users worldwide. The software works at the individual machine level, enabling manufacturing order data to be streamed from the top floor to the shop floor. Production can easily be monitored and data gathered during actual operation with capabilities to benchmark various plants across the globe in real-time. More than 60,000 machines are already connected worldwide.

Global companies like Audi, BorgWarner, Weir Minerals, Richards Industries and GKN Aerospace have already proven the value of this system, using the technology to substantially improve shop floor productivity and company competitiveness by 20 percent or more. With the support of the new FORCAM ACADEMY companies learn faster how to make use of the data flow and metrics to advance their continuous improvement efforts.

Direct experience is the best tutor. The awarded SMART FACTORY Starter Kit based on FORCAM FORCE™ technology enables companies of all sizes to set up a small-scale trial so manufacturing teams can see and prove the effectiveness of the system and appreciate the potential gains without risk and at modest cost.

Take First Steps towards Smart Factory: Simple, Fast, and Economical


•    CLOUD: Network three machine controls
(FORCAM I/O Connector for Legacy Machine Controls, Fanuc FOCAS, and MTConnect connectivity)
•    SMART DATA: Shop Floor Reports to proactively drive productivity
•    REAL TIME: Visualize your production assets in real-time reports based on state-of-the-art In-Memory and Complex Event Processing technology
•    TRAINING: Learn how to use smart data to drive productivity


•    EASY: Consulting, implementation and training for the pilot project
•    FAST: Fast machine connection to our FORCAM FORCE™ solution
•    ECONOMICAL: Fixed price for 3 machines for 60 days at a price of $24,950
•    PROOF OF ROI: Pilot to increase Utilization by at least 10%
(Includes hardware and excludes travel; software and maintenance payment deferred)